The project is a collaboration between Vincenzo Meoli, co-founder of Italian born collective, Migrant Landscapes (Paesaggi Migranti) and Ass. Prof. Dr. Ebru Bingöl, Department of Architecture at Mustafa Kemal University, teaming with other professionals from different disciplines.

They met in a workshop in Pennabilli, Italy, that was organized by the collective,  which aims at experimenting mul­tidisciplinary research on landscape and questioning meaning of place through the relationships between human and nature.

As the project guaranteed funding from the Spaces of Culture programme, the group acquired new members from varied disciplines and backgrounds. The team started gathering their attention around Asi River (Orontes) by reading, listening, searching, drawing, framing the forgotten memories of the River and its immense landscape value based on gathered information, stories, myths and personal experiences. The result can be consulted in our ASI Tale section.

Our challenge is to collect and showcase our story inside a global tale of unreachable flowscapes.




I am an Assistant Professor Dr. with a PHD in Architecture in Hatay Mustafa Kemal University, Departments of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. My research topics include site, context, public space design, site-art (land-art) and involved in national and international workshops and conferences about these topics. I have been in TUDelft (Holland) as a guest researcher, granted by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.  I consulted many urban design projects and awarded in some national design projects. I am keen on being in nature and observing the community and the landscape. Personally, I feel more in-between disciplines and at the intersection between science and art.



Co-founder of the collective Paesaggi Migranti, I am fascinated by community-driven and design-led thinking initiatives where landscape is always present. I have experience in architecture and cultural placemaking, and moved to UK where I established my professional practice, working as a head of culture and engagement specialist on behalf of local institutions and public practices, focusing on communication strategies, community building and grassroot city-making, aiming at experimenting educational projects in sociocultural contexts.


I was born in Ankara, 1985. I graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture in Hacettepe University in 2008. The short movies and documentaries, I made since 2006, was shown in various film festivals. Collected some awards and honorable mentions from these festivals. On the other hand I had many screenings with my video works incontemporary art exhibitions. With the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year, new and excited era started for me. I started to teach cinema, television and video art lessons at public and private universities. I am continue on my filmmaking career with Kelle Koltukta Independent Pictures, the independent filmmaking brand which I founded.



I am an art-historian and a PhD student at the University of Birmingham interested in Medieval Art history of the Eastern Mediterranean. For the academic year 2019-2020 I was Junior Research Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks (Harvard University), in 2018 and 2017 I taught at the University of Birmingham seminars on the history and society of the Mediterranean between Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. As a member of the “At the Crossroads of Empires” I study the painted decoration of the church of Sant’Ambrogio in Montecorvino Rovella (Salerno).

For more info about my research:


My work is based on drawing, with a  strong reflection on the periferic condition of the place where I was born. Co-founder of Sgomento, a collaborative publishing house which collaborates with artists, I am currently involved in different projects, such as an upcoming show at Fondazione Eduardo De Filippo, curated by Francesco Tenaglia end featuring works Piero Golia. My work is an interference of painting language and narrative work, and this pratice has started with my fist exibition at Castiglioni gallery in Milan ‘’Risorgeremo’’.


I am a third year PhD student at the University of Birmingham, working on the archaeology of Byzantine Liguria.  However, it all began when I was a kid, in a mix of Indiana Jones movies and school trips to Etruscan necropoleis. It became more serious at the University of Siena, where I was bewitched by the world of Late Antique and Early Byzantine studies, which ended up in a thesis on the eastern Byzantine frontier under Justinian. After one-year experience into the commercial sector I decided to return to academia with a different perspective and a new project.



I am an illustrator, academician and urban planner. I was born in 1988 in Istanbul. I currently live in Switzerland where I am working on my doctorate in Geography at Lausanne University. I took part in the Kent 3 group exhibition in 2016 with drawings I made on natural and green landscapes.

In the same year, I participated in the "International Danube River Day Group Painting and Photography Exhibition", where I showed an illustration I made on the Danube River. In 2019, my first children's book illustration was published. I continue my drawings under the brand of "makemystorycard".



I received an undergraduate degree in Painting Art and a master's degree in Art and Design in Antakya, the city where I was born and lived. I assisted many lectures in the Painting and Sculpture Departments in Hatay Mustafa Kemal University. I attended many national and international exhibitions. I worked on graphic design and logo design in the private sector. I took part in many social responsibility projects. I have the ability to produce works in different fields of art (painting, sculpture, graphic) as well as craft (furniture design, leather manufacturing, lighting designs).




I am a Dr. Research Assistant in the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of City and Regional Planning. In the academic field, I have seminars, papers, articles and book chapters on urbanism, settlement history, urban morphology, historical geography and archeology.

I have been part of the organizing team in seminars and workshops workshop in Turkey and abroad, and currently in the editorial team of MSGSÜ refereed journal "Design + Theory" and "IJEAD", an international refereed journal. Sketches and watercolors are my special interests.



I was born in Istanbul and I think I’m a bit from Izmir because of my parents’ homeland. I've been living in Antakya Hatay approximately for 26 years. My undergraduate education is on English Language Training; master’s degree and Ph.D. is on Social Anthropology. The major topics of my studies are on ethnicity, identity, music, religions and food.
Due to my profession, I like networks and establishing new relationships. I preside a local NGO called Hatay Social & Cultural Development Association and member of European Anthropology Association, Turkish Futurists Association, Folklore Research Association and editorial board of International Folklore Research Journal.